Why We Have a Hard Time Talking To Each Other

An “other” will only get human moments from another “other”. with great difficulty I witnessed this when Trevor Noah interviewed Tomi Lahren. I’ve never paid attention to The Blaze and I have barely watched the Daily Show so I don’t know either of these people well and can only make guesses based on this one interview.

Trevor asked Tomi how the black community should air their grievances if not through marching or protests or kneeling during the national anthem. Tomi never gave a straight answer.

I do not know if Trevor sincerely asked this question, but I believe Tomi’s defensiveness possibly sprang from insecurity but in the presence of a liberal host and his largely liberal audience. It is hard to be open and vulnerable when you are expecting hostility and opposition.

Both Tomi and Trevor are human beings with their own interesting stories that make them who they are. They cannot be boiled down to “alt-right millenial” or “liberal South African”. They both are more than their labels.

But Trevor is not going to be the person who will be able to show that Tomi is more than her label although I applaud Trevor for having Tomi on his show. I don’t think Tomi would be able to do likewise if the situation was reversed, but I do have respect for her for going on the Daily Show.

Tomi and Trevor would both have a hard time with this because they are seen as each other’s opposite, the “other”, the opponent.

However, we not are as tied to our political labels as Trevor Noah and Tomi Lahren. We can set aside our biases and listen to the person’s argument until they get tired of arguing and we can then get to know them as a person, as a human being just like us.

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